Agent Banking

Agent banking is a financial inclusion service which has been adopted by the bank to extend our retail reach across all segments. As an agent, you are required to render basic financial services on behalf of the bank.

Available Services

  1. Account opening
  2. Cash withdrawal
  3. Cash deposit
  4. Funds transfers
  5. Bills payment
  6. Airtime Purchase

Agent Requirements

  1. An existing retail/business outlet with a trading name
  2. An existing retail/business outlet in a physical geographical location for a minimum of 12 months
  3. Outlet can be a school, market, shopping mall, filling station or any business outlet with reasonable human traffic
  4. The outlet should accommodate a dedicated desk/counter and minimum of one (1) staff to handle agent banking services
  5. Must have maintained a Regent Mfb Bank account for a minimum of a months

Please note: A prospective agent may wish to register using either a business name (a corporate account) or in a personal name (an individual account).

Implementation Requirements

  1. Duly completed registration form with the following documents attached;

    For corporate accounts:
    • Proof of address (utility bill)
    • Valid means of identification
    • 2 Passport photographs
    • TIN
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Memorandum and Article of Association

For individual accounts:

  1. Proof of address (utility bill)
  2. Valid means of identification
  3. 2 Passport photographs
  4. No sign-up fee is required
  5. Agent downloads agent banking app on an Android device


· Cash Management – opportunity to evacuate cash off your retail premises

· Increase in sales/business opportunities as a result of increase in footfall

· Additional income from transaction/services fees and commission 

· Opportunity to cross-sell your products/services to walk-in customers

Agent Banking Form


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