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Training Scheme

Regent  MFB orientation training for new recruits is a warm and robust platform that welcomes new hires into Regent  Family and prepares them for a successful banking career. The training imparts in them the culture and values of Regent  and it serves as a smooth transition for new recruits to be the right fit for their various job functions, departments and branches.

The 4 weeks training is designed to develop first class financial services industry professionals. Emphasis is on getting them to be fully acquainted with all aspects of banking and on the rules and regulations guiding banking business. The orientation programmes combines classroom training and exposure to practical work environment in branches where they put the skills and knowledge gathered to practice.

Staff of Regent are also on a continuous training and development programme both local and international with a minimum number of hours of training contacts per staff. This is to keep them tops on skills required for excellent performance in a rapidly developing and dynamic financial services sector. 


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