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Regent Loan: The Regent Credit

Regent MFB has a robust loan/credit program covering shop owners, contractors, schools, traders, farmers, salary earners, petty traders and a host of others. Our credit process has a turn-around-time of 24 hours after application and there is effective monitoring and supervision of credits to ensure zero default

Regent Business Loan

Regent LPO Financing

  • Customers written application- (Stating the Amount, Purpose and Tenor of Facility) 
  • Execution and submission of Regent MFB Loan Application form.  
  • 2 Guarantors  
  • 1 Undated cheque from each of the guarantor 
  • At least 6 months recent statement of account from previous Bank – ( for new customers) 
  • Photocopy of I.D Card of both Applicant and guarantor 
  • 1 passport photograph of the Applicant 
  • 1pasport photograph from each guarantor 
  • Execution and submission of Account officer Personal Guarantee Form 
  • A personal guarantee of the promoter for corporate account customers  
  • Letter of domiciliation from the award company. 
  • Customer will provide collateral were feasible. In the absence of collateral, bank guarantee will do. 


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